October 9, 2013

Here have some more music

Once upon a summer day I gave you a list of music. I thought that was fun, so I am doing it again, this time once upon a fall day. I love music.

My life's soundtrack: (if my life was made into a movie ALL of my music would have to be played in the background. Which means there would be an excessive amount of "riding in a car scenes" wherein the main character, that would be me, gazes out of the car window longingly at freeways and trees, and music plays.)

new soul by yael naim.
everything at once by lenka.
mushaboom by feist.
bruises by chairlift.
the love club by lorde.
reading time with pickle by regina spektor.
roar by katy perry.
my own sinking ship by good old war.
electric twist by a fine frenzy.
silver lining by rilo kiley.
the show by lenka.
one way or another by one direction.
pompeii by bastille.
such great heights by the postal service.
sweater weather by the neighborhood.
the fox by ylvis.
things that stop you dreaming by passenger.
money tree by walk off the earth.
all alone by fun.

P.S. My camera has arrived!!!