October 8, 2013

#It'sLate #I'mhappy

Actually, I really like people. I'm now in love with this photographer kid I have never ever met. Just beeteedubs. I also actually enjoy hashtags, and the sort of silly people who use them in real life talking conversations. But back to liking people, humans are cool. Some people are all like I hate people, and I'm not like I just want to talk to everyone! I'm more like, I'll just thoroughly enjoy you from afar and think about how freaking cool you are, and if I can, I will meet you. But some people are just amazing. And by "some people" I mean every person, if you look long enough. And I am really really happy right now, mostly because I just discovered a whole lot of really amazing people that I don't even know, and topping the list we have that photographer boy. And if I can just admire him from behind my computer screen, I guess I can handle loving the kid I actually know from afar for a while, while he figures stuff out. That or I'll actually meet someone new or something. Cuz heck, I'm just a Junior. And evidently I talk like this when I'm feelin' good. Who knew?! I apologize to the people I was just texting-- shout out to Regan and Mo!-- I don't even know if I am making sense. Guys, this thing called SLEEP? Sounds pretty cool. But who am I kidding? I'll try it out later. I feel like having a dance party. #GottaGoHaveADancePartyNow