June 24, 2013

Adventure Thursdays

Take pictures in a photo booth.
Ride a zip line.
Take a hike.
Start a giant game of chalk twister.
Watch the sun rise.
Go on a classy dressed up outing.
Dance in the rain.
Star gazing.
Go to a drive-in movie.
People watching.
Wander around a town's main street.
Do yoga outside.
Visit an art museum.
Have a picnic in a park.
Mini road trip.
Chalk the Block at the Riverwoods.
Wander around Thanksgiving Point.
Bucket list pass off day.
Go thrift shopping.
Do a photo shoot.

This is something I am starting. Every Thursday I will be doing something adventurous, and whoever wants to join me can. In my mind, making little things into adventures are the key to living life to the fullest. Also, this weekend, through active mediation, I realized that I am very good at making lots of short-term friendships, but I need to work on making deep, long lasting friendships. I am hoping Adventure Thursdays will be one of the first steps towards making those friendships. This whole thing kinda freaks me out, because I have no idea who will show up and how it will turn out. This means I will be hanging out with people from completely different groups of friends, all at the same time. But when a bunch of people get out of their comfort zones and do something adventurous together, it brings them together. I want to make this a weekly tradition that continues through summers to come, maybe even for the rest of my life. They don't need to be big adventures, but they will be memorable. I don't want to limit ourselves to just things that are free, so I personally am starting an adventure fund so we can do spontaneous things. Being able to do things spontaneously is also a key to being happy, and it is something that I can improve in my life.

Our adventures will always be classy, and they will always be documented. This is stuff we'll want to remember!

Start an adventure fund! And feel free to join me any Adventure Thursday. 

p.s. If you can't make it on Thursdays, just talk to me about it. I would love to live life to the fullest, any day of the week!