August 28, 2013

Morning Writing Time, I came back!

I did it. I woke up early and refrained from going back to my bed, even though I could if I wanted to, I don't have anywhere to be until at least Ten.

*I just realized that I never write more than a sentence before getting distracted by something for a couple of minutes. Now that I am waking up early just so I have time to write, that habit must come to an end. I am going to write this entire post before opening any more tabs!

Journal rambling:

It is sort of crazy getting back into the school year schedule. Possibly even more so having this much freedom. I spend half my days at school, barely squeezing in a blog post (because I was sleeping in too much, those days ended yesterday) and the other half of my days working for seven hours. I love my job, I work here. And it is absolutely fantastic, but it fills up my time. Friends... I am stuck in my vision of going to public school, wherein I got to eat lunch with and be with my two best friends more than ever. Reality: suddenly I would rather eat lunch with my newer friends, who are quickly becoming some of my favorite people ever. But it's not because I always enjoy their company more... Alex and Neal are simply not enjoyable to be around when one doesn't want to talk to anyone and the other just wants to flirt with someone. I feel like Alex is a rock and Neal is a hard place and I'm awfully stuck and the only distraction is a completely different group of people to eat my apple sauce with, but I'm not quite as distracted as I want to be. And I really don't know whether or not to publish this. On one hand--it's my blog and I can post what I want to. On the other hand-- posting journal format venting sessions isn't really part of my brand, but I also decided that my life is now how I represent my brand, instead of worrying about every little instance, and that is certainly the problem that has me stuck right now. And heaven knows writing things out is what I do, it's what I liiiive for.

*And now I reeealy want to distract myself with Pinterest. But I must write on!


I am going to Italy. Goodness, I am for realsies going to Italy. Okay, I really must leave for a moment to get a picture for you.

My mom and I have dreamed about this for years, and now we are making it happen. I get to wander around Rome and recreate pictures of Audrey Hepburn while eating gelato. It's all scheduled and everything, it's really for sure happening this time.

Because dreams are worth it.