August 28, 2013


Because I either want to distract myself from my day dreams of things that aren't going to happen, or I want to go to bed and not have to deal with my brain. But being ready for bed is so far away that I am choosing these words and my buddy Pinterest instead. And maybe I'll regret it tomorrow, or maybe I won't mind so much that for this evening (and most evenings lately) I choose to sigh at other people's nice pictures and block out the sad thoughts with "human experience, human experience, human experience."

Because I just remembered I have a test tomorrow. And I'd like to say now I'm crying it out, but for once my tear ducts are deciding not to do their job.

The big dilemma: shower and get into bed asap, or stay up late throwing paint on my Big White Wall and dancing alone and hopefully crying. I'm not a sad person normally, ever. I'm just a girl. But it's not even that time of the month. I just have some things eating away at me, and I am at a loss concerning what to do about it.

Because I am handing out a whole lot of love but certain people just aren't giving me anything back. Anything at all.

I choose paint throwing!

After the paint throwing experience:

At least it's a decent color green. I may or may not have drawn a sad face with my nose. Oh oh oh, I just had another idea for a medium to try out on my wall-- my classy red lipstick. I wonder how what would work. 10:44pm and now the ideas decide to come knockin. Bleh. Bleh. Eh. That's what I'm going to call this post. I want Panda Express right now.

They're closed.

Announcement: my tear ducts are working now, a little.

This is the worst post ever. I'm pushing Publish now.