August 27, 2013

I say hi.

It's crazy how when you take time everyday to put pieces of your soul out into the world for anyone to experience, kindred spirits just find their way into your life. And usually it's only in the form of their words in your inbox, sharing the delight you bring them. Other times, two people who are only acquaintances, have to read each other's blogs before they realize oh my word we have so much in common, we should be best friends. And there are people out there that inspire me like crazy, and they have no idea I am here, loving them from behind my computer screen, or my sketchbook, or my desk.

Slowly but surely I am learning the powers of hellos. (and to slow down on the italics, but I'm learning that a little slower. Blame it on Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery) And when I realize that I really really want to be friends with someone, I say hi.