December 1, 2013

Some Drawings and Some Words

Last year I went to a school where we wore uniforms. Due to observations, thoughts, and a wonderful class where all I had to do was listen to music and draw to my hearts content, this piece came to be. I started it over a year ago, it was taken up again and finished tonight.

The observations: Everyone in high school wants to fit in or stand out. What about just being yourself?

The thoughts: Everyone seems to want to be popular. Yet I was popular, and I didn't even like it very much. Everyone either wants to be you or doesn't want to be you, and they don't even know you. I must say, it's nice to be in a new school, where most people have no idea who I am, but enough people do for it to be happy.

The class: Drawing with Miss Fosse. Which meant drawing with Micheal Buble Christmas music playing in the background, Ingrid Michealson when I got to pick the tunes, and a certain noisy middle table that I got to enjoy from the side table without having to participate in their crazy conversations.


Feel free to use the Huh? feedback button if needed. I would be amused, I'm not sure if this story makes sense myself. But if it does in fact make sense, I'd love to know that, too.