November 30, 2013


I get lots of spontaneous urges and ideas, but too often, when no one is available to go with me, I just stay home.

I'm realizing it's important for me to carry out those ideas, even if no one comes with me. Sometimes those spontaneous ideas even turn out better when I go alone, then I slow down more, really take it all in, take more pictures. I'm good at being a party of one.

On Wednesday, I wanted to visit a Christmas tree farm, but the adorable Morgan couldn't come right that very second, so I didn't go. That was silly of me.

So last night it struck me that I should have gone, anyway. I need spontaneous adventure. So I went.

(Don't worry, Mo. We will for sure still go this week. I want to take pictures during the day, anyway!)


When you stand alone in the middle of a Christmas tree farm, and let the holiday music block out the cars and life, and you convince yourself that there really isn't anything beyond the pine smell and twinkle lights-- then are there is a beautiful thing.

I invite you to do so.

Then, to top off your date with yourself, proceed to the nearest hot chocolate bar and write down your mind.

Alternate self date idea: double task and drink your hot chocolate while wandering among Christmas trees. This is not the main plan of action because your hands should be full with your camera. Because pictures of small adventures are possibly the most important pictures you'll ever take.


Cheers. Alternate title: Fine, I'll just date myself.