December 21, 2013


Holla I made a mood board for you. Cuz it's my blog and I can do what I want to. That rhymed, maybe I'll turn it into a slam poem. Jk.

1. I am constantly creating myself. Changing, writing new drafts, trying new materials.
2. Audrey Hepburn had a pet fawn once. Lovely.
3. I just love trains, and pictures on trains like that one, good thing I should be riding on a train of sorts with my favorite adventurers on a coming Thursday.
4. I think I'll wear my Hard Rock Cafe cap soon.
5. Take a look at that haircut and then imagine it on my head. Actually you don't need to, you'll see it on my head soon enough.
6. I just finished going through The Fault in Our Stars again, this time on tape. Books on tape are my new best friends.
7. That is the face I make every time I remember that I still have a bit longer to wait for the next season of Sherlock. You and me both, Martin Freeman.
8. I just want to go to Portland, Oregon.
9. That is probably the best picture representation of my future home.

All of the picture sources are found somewhere here.