December 25, 2013

Merry Happy

This is a post dedicated to beautiful gift givers and twenty thirteen.

I have never received so many beautiful gifts. Some made me jump and dance around for joy, some made me cry before they were even fully opened. One was exactly what I needed. 

Overall, this has probably been the most emotional year I've ever triumphed. From stomach aches due to too many butterflies, to complete grass stained bliss, to soul shaking sobs on the bathroom floor. But I did it. And I am able to chalk it up to the best year of my life, and one of the gifts helped me do that.

A gift for my words.
A gift for sad nights.
A gift to make this year a win not a sad memory of any sort.
A gift to make next year the new best year of my life.
A gift for growing up.


On the gift for growing up:

It's funny how my first edition of Kinfolk magazine, the volume dedicated to aging, came right in the middle of my fear of growing up. Actually, it's a blessing how.

And one magazine later she was no longer afraid of growing older.
^^For if anyone ever writes a biography about me.