December 26, 2013


I forgot that sometimes I take pictures with my camera friend with a post in mind.

And sometimes really cool people surprise me by asking if I'll take them on an adventure, and it makes my life and leads to very fun afternoons.

The other day this very funny, well dressed, new friend who I have lived down the street from for years now but we are only just now becoming good friends, named Kortney, asked if I would show her the thrift shopping ropes. Me. I have never actually bought anything from a thrift store. My only tie to them is that I very much enjoy just standing in them, admiring things that represent a certain coolness I have so far only admired from afar and behind my computer screen.

But nonetheless we went thrifting together. She was on the hunt for anything with fur, I long for a pair of overalls I would actually wear.

Instead she came home with a cat bank and I with a gift for one of my favorite humans, but we also brought with us some new memories, a better friendship, and a new appreciation for college towns.