November 16, 2013

Souls on Display

I am interrupting the Italy posts already for this special service announcement. Just jokes, I just wanted to blog about good music and a fun date. It kills me to post twice in one day, especially in the middle of a set of posts, trust me, but it must be done.

Last night me and some buddies went to the Cowboys and Indies concert at Velour in Provo. That place has the coolest feel and the music was great. We saw Bat Manors and Oceanears.

Only negative? I forgot my camera. So I had to borrow pictures from Velour's Fb page. Check check check it out.


There were two couples who danced the whole time. One couple were talented ballroom dancers. The other couple had no particular skill but danced anyway, their friend choose to be embarrassed by it, they choose to keep dancing. I liked watching the dancers just as much as I enjoyed watching the bands share their souls.