November 17, 2013

A Four Hour Tour

^^ We watched a pro make that horse in less than five minutes

^^ my glass ring from Murano
^^Travel outfit of the day: chambray button down + cardigan + maxi skirt + a fab hat

Three passengers set sail that day for a four hour tour. A four hour tour.

Revamped Gilligan's Island lyrics made for a good title because that was the theme song for our visit that my dad kept bringing back to my attention.

It seems like Italians are always kissing or fighting. I guess it's not that they are always kissing or fighting, but when they do, they don't care who can see.

We went to the the glass making island and the lace making island, Murano and Burano. It was a good people watching day. Burano goes on my top three favorite things from Italy list, for the colorful buildings, which means you'll get an entire post dedicated to my visit to that island, later.

Gelato of The Day: Mango and Coconut