November 6, 2013

All Alone

Six days without alone time and now I finally get some. Despite my new interest in laundromats I decided to stay back at the hotel instead of going to wash our carry on worth of clothes, this way I finally get to write, and blog, and mostly just be alone. I am currently in Venice, Italy, during the biggest adventure of my life so far. There are so many things about this adventure that I want to share with you, but I insist on doing it properly, which means we'll all have to wait until I get home. So instead I will tell you some things I thought up today in the birthplace of the Renaissance.


People are always so afraid of time flying. Yet it seems to me that we have figured out how to freeze time, place it in a glass case and put it on display for anyone who wants to, to come and see. We have buildings full of frozen time, behind glass. Buildings themselves with thousands of years infused in every inch. All of this because someone a long time ago did something worth keeping on display. Someone gave us a reason to stop a piece of time a keep it there. It's not flying time people should be afraid of, its not leaving behind anything worth looking back on. Anyone who does anything worth remembering with a smile, should have no fear of time passing, as long as they can stop it when they need to, and perhaps even put it on display for someone else, museum material or not. Certainly or not.