October 29, 2013

Sit Back and Enjoy the Hilarity

Watch these for kicks and giggles:
Ghost in the Stalls
Anything by Jimmy Fallon
Anything by Ellen
Anything by Studio C

Sometimes amusing you tube videos are what make my life prime.

Uhhhhhhh funny things. That's what I'll tell you about. Cuz I spaced on why I started this post.

My friend keeps begging me to go running with her in my full length Batman pajamas. I may have told her I would. The young man taking my order in the Burger King drive thru sang me Wrecking Ball first. I'm going to Italy on Friday. Oh that's not funny, that's just the best thing that's ever happened to me.

THIS IS SO LAME AND MEANINGLESS AND I SHOULDN'T PUSH PUBLISH. But someone said laughter is the best exercise and we all know it's the only kind I get.

If only I looked that adorable when I laugh.