October 23, 2013


According to the online slang dictionary, slammin' means cool or awesome. Example straight from whatever genius writes for that website-- "that was some slammin' soup."

My latest obsession is slam poetry. I have loved it in the past, when I was first introduced to the breathtaking works of Shane Koyczan. My awareness has been brought around to it again and this time my mind is holding on and not letting go, demanding that I give it a try. So hello, my name is Emma and I write slam poetry. Or I will. Or I'm working on it.

The biggest problem I have found so far is that slam poetry is basically just spoken word so I can't really share it with you on here... because a vlog? Just no. So maybe one day I'll be really cool for a day and enter a poetry slam and I'll have someone record it and then I'll put the video on here. That made for a really cool daydream in my head. I'll let you know if it happens.

Slam Poems of the Day: 
To This Day
My Parents Brainwashed Me

*chosen because they happen to be the three poems which got me excited about slam poetry

P.S. I am being batman for Halloween, thought you should know. My costume consists of batman footie pajamas and a mask. My friend is being Robin. Basically we died laughing when we tried them on today. We are also carving our boss's face into a pumpkin for our work pumpkin carving contest. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes.