October 8, 2013

Human Experience

I want to make my life look like a Kinfolk Magazine.

Last night I thought out something really important for me. Due to my love and eye for design and photographs I am in danger of coming to the end of my life and having loads of beautiful pictures but not enough real memories of everything that happened. I will know what my life looked like, but I may not remember what it felt like, tasted like, smelt like, sounded like. Sometimes in my attempts to document my life in the best way possible, I miss out on the living life part of it all. Last night my Heavenly Father gently reminded me that it isn't about what my life looks like, it's about how it feels. The outside beauty of my adventures should represent the beauty within. The real simplicity. I can gain happiness and perhaps even joy from creating a really lovely set of pictures, but I can only feel bliss in the moment when I took those pictures.

I want my life to feel sunny.

I want my life to taste like as many different things as possible.

I want my life to smell like fresh flowers and good cologne.

I want my life to sound like laughter.