September 18, 2013

Just Me

Currently adoring:
other people who understand the power of the written word
mango popsicles covered in dark chocolate
the weather

Hint: think of all that in terms of color. The best floral patterned, golf leafed wallpaper you can imagine. Yellowish mango against dark brown.  A purple-y red stained mouth. Blue skies but people in gray sweaters because its still shivery outside.

I think in term of colors.


Some people have beautiful lives. They have their struggles, and their humaness, yes, but they also have good cameras and good taste and perfect blogs.

My friend Shelby and I discussed this the other night while sitting in front of the beautiful Timpanogos Temple after the photo shoot. Some people's blogs look so perfect, and in the midst of my branding process, part of me is drawn to the beauty, the aesthetics. The other part of me wants to create something more realistic, beauty from the ordinary, camera phone pieces of my everyday high school life. My conclusion: I need to stop worrying constantly about the aesthetics. My brand cannot be put into one adjective, one source of inspiration, it's just me.

I am saving up for a nice camera, so that will make me feel much more excited about the looks of my picture posts. Until then I will try to swallow my designer pride and post pictures that aren't necessarily all I imagine. Oh the woes of having a designer brain and a slightly perfectionist attitude toward your blog!