September 19, 2013

Callbacks, Friends, & Steve Jobs

So this is what Mo felt like when I brought her a cupcake?

Two of my newest friends just stopped by with a giant doughnut, a flower, and a note. First of all, about these two girls, sometimes I meet people and I am excited out of my mind that I get to be friends with them. Liz and Addie are like that.

Evening made.


Today I got callbacks for my school's production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Ah, what a grand play. And while watching teenagers stand up to sing in front of their peers, while the directors were taking notes, and the nerves in the air were so thick you could cut through it all with a knife, (except I certainly wasn't going near any knives to find out, I already sliced my thumb open in Floral Design earlier,) I realized that I thoroughly enjoy watching such experiences.

Watching callbacks meant watching the cocky, thinking they're all that + some sort of kids get up in front of a room full of drama kids and realize how nervous they are. Watching them be just as human as the rest of the room. It also meant watching some people who are normally really quiet, stand up and just give it everything they have, and the outcome was astounding. Yes, I quite enjoyed watching it all.


I watched the Steve Jobs documentary on Netflix the other day. It talked about how he took a calligraphy class in college and loved it. Then he dropped out of college and traveled to study Buddhism and oriental art. And ultimately the inspiration he gathered from calligraphy and floral arrangements and such is what led to the aesthetics and branding of Apple products. Fascinating. I've never had a deep interest in Apple, but tell me all about the design inspiration, and I sure get interested.

Music of the Day: Way Back When by The Jungle Giants. The Love Club by Lorde.