September 26, 2013


I wasn't sure how to put my situation. Then I remembered that, like most situations, I have a Pinterest picture that perfectly describes it, posted above.

Today was good, a lot of the same thing over and over again while sitting in a fantastic chair meant for children while indie music or Brian Regan came from the computer. The only reason I got to play my music is because I was the only employee in my own little corner in my own little chair. I could have talked to the people on the other side of the shelves and clothing racks, but that would've involved speaking louder, and I just don't do that. And small talk. I don't do that either.

After work has been good, too. I read another Jerry Spinelli book (I plan on reading all of his books, even if most of them were written for middle school kiddos.) I listened to all the great music I discovered today. I desperately want to go on an spontaneous adventure, I want to everyday, but I honestly don't know who to drag along with me now. I am craving a sad movie marathon with my best movie buddies. Despite the fact that I am wearing bright pink tights right now, life feels sorta blah. At least it's not sad, though.

Music of the Day: Passenger. The Wrong Direction. Things That Stop You Dreaming. All The Little Lights.