September 23, 2013

My Sock Secret

I told my entire Seminary class my sock secret today.

Up until third period today, only one person knew that tiny piece of me. Until, before I knew it, it just slipped out in response to a question. Except I didn't feel remorse. Maybe because the chances that he even remembers that small but great piece of information, are slim.

I only sleep with socks on when I'm sad.

That's it.

I think in my head I had this picture wherein I texted him and all I had to say was "I wore socks to bed last night," and before he even stopped to reply he was at my front door, pulling me out, and hugging me. And it would be like a code word only he knew. Special. But he has probably forgotten, and now my whole class knows too, but I can't imagine texting any of them the secret words.

An important realization about my branding: (I am beginning to hate that word, a sign that I am over thinking it)

When my blog looked like crap and my words were unbranded and simply "as is" from my brain, I had people who commented to tell me that they were positive we were kindred spirits. When I read blogs that I want to copy aesthetically, I wish my house looked like theirs, and the same for my wardrobe, but I don't usually think "I want to be friends with her." I lost something powerful, and will continue to lose something if I fail to publish parts of me because of how I want my blog to look. So be prepared for whatever may come. It's always been about the words anyway, pictures have never been my forte.