September 29, 2013

A Sad Chick Flick Marathon

ARIEL HAS A BLOG. Just the other day I was thinking about how frustrating it is when I know super cool people with great Pinterest boards, and great style, and great personalities, but no blog for me to stalk. Er, read. But finally I discovered that my friend Ariel, at least, has a blog. I literally did a happy dance around my bathroom. Uh, yes, the bathroom... because I've discovered how great it is to multitask by looking at Pinterest and putting on mascara at the same time. Unfortunately I was too distracted by her blog to realize how pointless it was for me to be putting on Mascara just try cry it all off an hour later, during my fantastic activity of last night-- A sad chick flick marathon. 

Just girls + Safe Haven + A Walk To Remember + Charley + blankets + really really loud sobbing. It was a really good day. I feel like bawling together over chick flicks makes for a great bonding moment.

It smells like fresh flowers, in my bedroom. You have no idea that happiness that brings me. My new goal: always have flowers in my bedroom. I've been on a roll for a couple of weeks. I will probably need help with this one though (aka more people bringing me flowers, like Liz and Addie did.) Okay people?! I need help with my goal. ;)

Music of The Day: Feist. Top Songs: Mushaboom. I Feel It All. 1234. My Moon My Man.