August 1, 2013

Adventure Thursday #4

I really need to broaden my adventures and do more than explore lovely town main streets, eh? But hey, we've only had four official Thursday Adventures, and as they get bigger and better we will do even more fantastic things. This is just the beginning.

Mainstreet Nauvoo, Illinois.

The Nauvoo Temple

In case you're new to this and don't know what I mean by Thursday Adventures-- every Thursday I go on an adventure, and anyone who wants to join me is welcome. Our adventures aren't big and fancy, they are the little things that become spectacular, when spent with other adventurers. There is always someone new, but no one feels left out. They began this summer, but I hope they will continue as long as people long for adventure. Through the craziness of summer, getting Thursdays planned has been messed up at times, but I can see the seeds of adventure starting to grow in my friends. Little moments suddenly mean something more, any random thing can suddenly be an opportunity for a picture, for a memory. I want to make memories with my friends in as many places as I can. I want to make life into a series of adventures, no matter how hard or how simple. I want people to come together, whether they are friends yet or not, and spend their time doing something classy. I want to share my passions with other people. That is what Thursday Adventures are all about.

Music of the day: Mindy Gledhill. Top songs: Pocketful of Poetry. All the Pennies.