August 15, 2013

Someone Else's Story

Once upon a time. Scratch. Last week, a man named Tanner talked to a girl named Emma and he decided she is way cool and is just meant to package clothes for his business, twenty hours a week. So he sent her a lovely e-mail. And that my friends, is the story of a man named Tanner, but mostly the story of how Emma got a job and a new skirt.

Also last week, Best Mom in The World, was told something shocking by her oldest daughter, who then proceeded to get mad at her for doing nothing wrong, and then started crying. Clearly Oldest Daughter has had a very emotional sucky week. But thanks to parents she can talk to about anything, Oldest Daughter is fine and life is much closer to be completely hunky dory again.

When I saw that picture I wanted to write some lovely post about someone else with a great story. But instead those stories came out. Maybe I'll reuse the picture sometime and give you something else that's more... literary and less here, read about my normal life. Though, I must say, normal life is where it all starts.