August 12, 2013

Hipster Outing

Our hipster outing. On Saturday I went to a Ryan Innes and Amy Whitcomb concert and shopping at the outlets, with my friends Tori and Keslyn. It was great fun. Ryan and Amy were both on The Voice!!! Which means I was very excited. I get kinda obsessed over The Voice when it's on, I never miss an episode and my friends probably get kinda sick of hearing about it. More than once Alex and Neal were forced to sit down and watch it with me... My favorite this year was Michelle Chamuel. Sadly, Danielle beat her... :P Hey, most bloggers write regularly about their tv show obsession, it's my turn! Actually I'm done now, it's picture time.

Keslyn & Tori

Ryan Innes

My face? Yeah I don't even know.