August 10, 2013

A great "no make up no caring" day

How to recreate my dang good yesterday:

1. Go boating with just some great girls. No boys, no make up, messy hair, just a whole bunch of fun and not caring what you look like.

2. Try not to be anywhere close to a bee infested place. Actually scratch that. Doing that dance that just happens when you're trying to get bees away from you can turn into a real bonding moment. Same with thinking you're going to die on a water tube.

3. Go back to one of your houses and make a giant bowl of popcorn and grab blankets and sweatshirts. Still don't bother about your hair or even to get out of your boating stuff, just get comfy.

4. Have a sad movie marathon. Bawl your eyes out together. (it's best if these movies have some happy love in them too, so you're not completely sad and annoyed at the end. It's also best if no one kills a dolphin in the middle of any of the movies, spoiler alert: that happens in White Squall, just warning you now)

5. Have someone pick up Cafe Rio for you.

6. At this point you will probably have gone from wiping away tears to laughing at everything, so walk it off. Grab more sweatshirts and wander around the neighborhood.

Caesey, Kaitlyn, Riley, me
That was my Friday.