July 1, 2013

What I will be when I am what they call a Junior

Music of the Day: The Paper Kites. Noah and The Whale. Bastille. (three bands for you today.)

I feel like getting snow cones with my best friend on this horridly hot day. But he is asleep, probably next to his new puppy, and I always ask him to do things first. Watching him play with his dog is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. And since he has let me sit with him and Kota for hours, I'm not feeling too jealous. Now, I will just drop hints about wanting to do something, but fearing the heat, and let's see if he gets it.

Thoughts of the Day:

Next year I am starting at a new school. Sort of. I am homeschooling while taking classes from multiple places. One of which is the local high school. freak. Every time I tell people how often switch schools they say "well that's cool, because you can start over and be whoever you want to be at each new school because no one knows you." Frankly that though has never crossed my mind before, when starting a new school, until this year. What do I want to be this year? I want to be me. What do I want me to be?

I want to wear head scarfs, tall socks, denim jackets, hipster glasses, and occasionally red lipstick. I know that.
I want to listen to indie music.
I want to be classy. I want to be the thoughtful girl who writes words a lot and doesn't bring attention to herself, but has a sense of humor.
I want to really see people, and really listen to people.
I don't want to ever wear sweats to school.
I want to make everyday an adventure and everyday I want to find something to write about.
I want to take classes that fill me up and help me start living my passion at the next level.

I want to be that person. Her name is Emma Caroline.

See, if you just start writing, something will come of it. It's been so long since I've written fiction. I need to decide if I'm okay with that, or if I'm missing out on something...

He didn't get a chance to get the hints. He is going fishing right now.