July 2, 2013

Morning Ramblings

I figured out why I keep getting stuck in my writing. It's because I turn on the lap top with this urge to write but instead of opening my blog or Google docs first, I go to Facebook, Pinterest, e-mail, and grooveshark, and only once I have opened all of those do I open blogger and start to write something. But by then all of the inspiration is gone. I know I want to write a blog post, because I enjoy that, but the words don't so easily at this point. Some days I do need to go on Pinterest or other blogs to gather inspiration, but most days I just need to sit down and write. So, in order to continue to keep moving my passion forward, instead of remaining at this good but not good enough for me standstill, I am going to open blogger every day, before I open any other tabs, and I am going to just start typing. What I write won't always become the blog post for the day, but at least I will have written something everyday. Because that is the first step to becoming a writer-- writing.

I am very excited about next school year. There are still details I have to work out. Actually, I need to work out all of the details. But I know I want to am going to take a graphic design course, a flower arrangement class, Seminary, I will continue to save for a nice camera, I will discuss amazing books with amazing people, I will keep reading deep, hard, lovely books, I will be constantly writing meaningful things, and the way I live my life everyday and the words that I write and the things I design will constantly be creating and representing me and my brand.

I will continue to make deep, lasting friendships. If I seem someone that I really want to be friends with, I will actually become friends with them. I will continue to share my vision of Adventure Thursdays with people, that project will grow and affect my friends. Adventure Thursdays are how I live my passion, and share it with the people close to me, as well as the people I am becoming closer to. It incorporates my passion for sharing light, making connections with people, making little things into adventures, creating beauty, it gives me something to write about, creates memories, and leads to a whole lot of FUN.

Sometimes my blog is my journal, if you don't care just don't read it. Fortunately this is my blog, and I can say whatever I want to on it!

Do something spontaneous today.