July 23, 2013

Here, have some music

I just used my chalk pastels on big white wall.

It's past noon and I'm still in my pajamas. Today is just a creating day. My phone is upstairs and I'm not expecting anyone to text anyway. So it's just me, my music, and my art.

Current playlist:
I owe you a love song by shiny toy guns.
She moves in her own way by the kooks.
Mirrors and smoke by bronze radio return.
Hero by family of the year.
One foot by fun.
5 years time by noah and the whale.
Always like this by bombay bicycle club.
Human of the year by regina spektor.
Paint by the paper kites.
Itchin' on a photgraph by grouplove.
Anna sun by walk the moon.
My only offer by mates of state.
Sort of by ingrid michealson.
The rollercoaster ride by belle and sebastian.
The news by jack johnson.
I would do anything for you by foster to people.
Brick by ben folds five.
Wait so long by trampled by turtles.
Shake it out by florence + the machine.
The cave by mumford and sons.
Let it ride by the new velvet ft. caroline glaser.
Moth's wings by passion pit.
Dear bobbie by yellowcard.

The reason I like to share music on my blog is a) I love it when people share their music with me. And b) my music is part of my branding. It represents what I like, how I write, and the way I live. It's my style. And though sometimes I struggle with deciding how to design my blog and whatnot, my music helps me get closer to making that decision. It's what my music would sound like if I wrote any. It's like when I find an artist or a writer that express exactly the way I want to, these artists do it through songs, and it speaks to me.

Every once in a while I will update you on my big white wall project. I'm not gonna lie, I only started like a week ago, and I missed a few days, but I am loving this project.


That second picture is sorta blurry. On day 7 I did a color collage. On day 8 (today) I chalk pastel-ed a picture of the "mystical looking bench" as Alex called it, that we discovered yesterday.

I will be writing a blog post on that whole middle picture on the wall soon.