July 27, 2013

Adventure Thursday #3

Concerts make for great adventures, I must say. On Thursday I was feeling sad cuz I didn't think I was going to have a planned Thursday Adventure that week. And now I am out of town so there won't be another set up adventure for two weeks at least. But then, as I was driving to the One Direction concert, my mom said "Hey! This is your Thursday Adventure!" and I realized it was. It ended up even better when I remembered that a bunch of my fellow adventurers were at the concert, too. More than just the friends I went with-- Mckenna, Rachel, and Tori. So I found them all so we could take one big Thursday Adventure picture.

Courtney, her sister, Riley, Ariel, Savanna, Carlie (I think that's her name!), me, Mckenna, Tori

Highlights of the evening:
*when we realized our seats were amazing and we were as close as we could get to the center stage, and 1D ended up being 7 feet away from us for a few songs.
*when Harry Styles shook his water bottle out right on the four of us. No joke.
*when we actually started to be able to hear normally again.