July 20, 2013


Reasons my life is currently a-ok + some:

*My friend Kortney just told me about a bunch of new bands and tunes for my enjoyment (including Bronze Radio Return and Belle and Sebastian.)
*I was introduced to 750words.com which I am very excited about.
*This morning I cruised around the neighborhood in a golf cart with my ward buddies (including Jordan, aka the guy who has now come to my house when I was in my pj's twice) which is a yearly tradition. Once a year we borrow a golf cart from our neighbor and drive around, with way too many people on that thing. Good times.
*I'm going to a 1D concert on Thursday. Yeah, I know.
*I spent the morning cleaning and strangely, it made me happy. My creation space is no longer cramping my style.
*I changed my blog banner.
*Adventure Thursdays are off to a great start.
*My toenails are currently periwinkle.