June 28, 2013

Adventure Thursday #1

The first official Adventure Thursday happened yesterday! We went to the mall, browsed the art museum (is that classy or what?!) dressed up, and took a bunch of pictures.

Not everyone knew everyone else, but we still had a lot of fun. That's a big part of these adventures, I think, that anyone who wants to can come, no matter who else they know, and they still end up having a blast. Yesterday was a fantastic start, I cannot wait for future Thursdays! I think they will just keep getting bigger and bigger.

Yes, I am very happy with this whole thing. I know I am going to end up learning a lot from these adventures.

First lesson: When Heavenly Father puts a lovely idea into your head, especially late at night, write it down. Then, no matter how much that idea scares you or pushes you, make it happen.


Trying to imitate the sculptures


Mckenna, Regan, me, Alex, Riley, Neal

The art museum mostly consisted of paintings of junk food. I am still trying to figure out why. I think it was to represent the direction America is going. The question that people were asked at the beginning of the museum was "What do you think the next movement of art will be called?" and evidently the artists being spotlighted think food will continue to become a larger part of our drive, even artistically. Just some food for thought. Eh? Get it? Bye now.