June 26, 2013

acca awkward

That awwwwwkard moment when your former crush comes to the front door doing a football fundraiser and you're sitting right in plain view of the door, wearing purple polka-dot pj's, a t-shirt, and no make up, just looking at Fb. And your mom invites him in! And lets him stand there while she goes to find her checkbook. And all you can do is mumble a "hi, Jordan" and hope that your face kindly keeps it self to a shade of no more than pale pink, and he just stands there with an amused smile. And he is looking all buff and nice and football player-ish and you're sitting there in your pajamas and it's almost noon, already. And of course you can't get your amusement and embarrassment out on Facebook, because he would see that! So you rush to your lovely blog and spill the beans there.

Alright, it's out. He's gone. I can laugh really hard now.

Hey! Now when people share their most embarrassing moment I have one to share! So this was a good experience, I guess....