June 24, 2013

Writing Music

So sometimes I vent about how I can't write music. I write words everyday, but I can never think of a tune to put them to. Nothing ever comes of my venting, except making my brain believe once again that I simply don't have the ability to write music. Until today, I vented on Facebook, and my friend Trevor instantly offered to help me learn, or even to write the music part if I can do the lyrics.

I didn't really think I would ever write music.

But I put myself out there, not expecting or even hoping to get anything back, and here the universe is, helping me out. And frankly, I'm freaked out.

Negative thoughts: "I never even talk to Trevor anymore! And if I take advantage of his offer I'll have to hang out with him, and share my words with him, and even sing for him! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. What if my voice doesn't sound good, or my lyrics are dumb, or it's just awkward?"

Happy thoughts: "Trevor is a sweetheart, and he has showed interest in hanging out more before. Even if we don't end up being able to make awesome music together, he could end up being one of those deep, long lasting friends I resolved to make. My voice is good, I share my words with people constantly, he will probably be nervous, too, and as long as I am confident it will be fine. Not fine, fantastic. How cool would it be to turn my words into music?! Just because you don't play any instruments doesn't mean you can't write music, and if needed, he could always teach me to play an instrument! I should take advantage of his lovely offer."

So I am going to go out on a limb. I am going to write lyrics. Maybe together Trevor and I will be able to turn them into something more! I'll let you know what comes of me going out of my comfort zone and doing more with my passion.

That is what life is for, by the way.