April 29, 2013


There are new billboards popping up lately. One I pass every single morning. Two of them I saw yesterday, Downtown. All they are is a a big white background with a single word written in big blue letters. Words like DISCOURAGED and HOPELESS. They aren't advertising anything, there is no small print in the corner, no website you can go to for more information. Those billboards bug me. There I am driving along in my Bat-mobile, jamming out to Jack Johnson (yes, one certainly can jam out to Jack Johnson) and suddenly a giant word is staring me down from the side of the freeway. A giant sad word.

I don't know what the billboards are for. I imagine eventually they will change. Either to happy words, or maybe to some ad-- DISCOURAGED? CALL THIS HOTLINE. 800- BE-HAPPY.

Its crazy how much those billboards have made me think.

My thoughts towards those billboards:

"How dare they put such disappointing words right were everyone sees them? Either people are having a fantastic day and suddenly a stupid billboard reminds them of the bad, or people are already feeling hopeless and you just displayed their emotion in huge blue letters, how does that help?"

Ah, the power of giant words on the side of the freeway.

The power of the words you let out of your mouth everyday.


No. Words.