April 1, 2014


// I really want to take pictures of kindred spirits in beautiful art museums.
// Why am I the only person in this house who cares about closing the blinds at night? I don't like living in an aquarium.
// Speaking of aquariums, who wants to visit one with me?
// Out of all of the things that went on these past 5 days on choir tour, my favorite moments include eating cotton candy with Liz and the dance party at the end of the night in California Adventure.
// There are so many beautiful pictures to take and so many adventures to go on and so many people to people watch.
// I believe in white bed sheets and big fluffy hotel pillows.
// I am going to receive my first letter from a missionary soon, good thing I have that stamp from work.
// el oh el I have three pinterest tabs open right now and I am pinning from all of them, what is this life?
// There will be a prize for whoever can get through this entire list.
// windbreakers windbreakers windbreakers
// I believe my friends should be able to take a few days off from school in order to brighten their human experience, share their talents, and see more of the world, without feeling guilt and the itch of un-done homework on their skin the entire time.
// I believe in oxford commas.
// I've gone to California so many times but never did I ever noticed all of the beautiful plants.
// That bus ride brought out my sass, but most of it stayed in my head.
// I point out the cotton candy to her and she points out the flowers to me and our friendship is perfect.
// That trip to California showed me a lot of ways that I am already the person I want to be, I say that because it's a relief.
// ah high school election time, when I remember that I once dreamed of running for SBO and instead I changed schools.
// That trip also showed me a lot of things I need to do better.
// Usually I like Tower of Terror well enough, but yesterday I found out my level of enjoyment when being dropped like that completely depends on my emotional status, how much sleep I got the night before, and whether or not I'm just getting over some other kind of falling.
// Another poem is writing itself in my head so here's your warning.
// savanna smiles and so should you.
// I thought this list was gonna be longer but no.