March 27, 2014

The sea is just a wetter version of the skies

I remember, when we were thirteen, I asked him if his full name is Alexander.

"No," he replied,"is your full name Emily?"

"Nope, just Emma."

And we never had to ask again.

Lately we forget everything and have to ask twice. Well, he does.

+ idk I just liked that piece of writing.
+ I've got Paramore songs on the brain and the lyrics write themselves on my wet windshield.
+ cali, 5am, tomorrow.
+ Amber said it perfectly- we are serial deleters. 
+ summer is coming and most of all that means WEEKLY THURSDAY ADVENTURES.
+ can I be Emma Stone and you can be Andrew Garfield? 
+ I didn't really have anything to write about I just thought I'd give you a list before I leave.
+ oh maybe I should talk about how yesterday at my place of work, my coworkers tried to convince me to squeeze into this little box and sing to them, for $6, a rubber band, a ctr ring, and some stamps. 
+ Let's just say, now I can send someone a letter.
+ New York City is saying "EMMA. EMMA I NEED YOU." Can you hear it? Listen closely. 
+ sometimes it gets tiring, remembering all of the new terms and swag signals.
+ sending people pins on Pinterest may be my #1 favorite thing.
+ I think it's important that I always live in a place where it's safe to drink straight from the hose.
+ I hate how I have to wear comfortable shoes in disney land, it's so limiting. Hashtag FWP.