March 16, 2014

we've got to get to the sea

I am deeply excited for my brief visit to the sea in less than two weeks. We are going to sing, we are going for disney land, but for a few hours we get the sand and the water.

I've never cared for the ocean before. I've always preferred the beautiful lakes I've grown up with. No salt, less sand, less of a need to keep your eyes and mouth tightly shut. Trips to the seaside have always meant being dragged there, when it was never quite warm enough. I don't really swim, I never ever tan, but my mom loves the ocean, so we go.

Lately my eyes have been opened to the beauty of the sea, and I can't wait to really experience it for the first time in my life. The larger than life expanse, the feeling of being so tiny in comparison, the smells, the footprints, the color. Yes, I can't wait for all the shades of blue.

I even got a henna in the shape of waves for the occasion.
HENNA- that means it comes off.