March 10, 2014

mini lists like my mini oranges

My plan for this Monday:

1. pin like it's my job
2. take a mid day bath
3. clean my room
4. sit and stare at my beautiful flowers
5. finish the poem I've been working on
6. watch an oldie but goodie


1. what if I lived in an old planetarium? the domed kind
2. what if Sticky Shoes (the local dollar theater) let me come in during the day to take pictures?
3. what if I wrote an article for Kinfolk Magazine?


1. you know how sometimes words grab hold of your hand and make you stay longer until they have really rolled around your mouth, long enough for you to realize they they sound familiar, but strange, but either way they hit you like a steam engine or caress you like the wind and you know that they are different from other combinations of words? I like that
2. I like the way Lorde hangs out with Taylor Swift
3. I like the way humans collect things