March 11, 2014

I use Mouthwash sometimes I Floss

// john green knows whats up
// bro childs says i'm spoiling his daughters and to that I say because they deserve it
// the poetry of material things
// ^^ listen to the ring of that. i buy things with poetry weaved through
// i now have a vintage camera to go with my vintage soul
// someone buy me a truck because DRIVE IN MOVIES
// sometimes cute boys stare at us on the freeway, usually creepy boys stare at us on the freeway
// i got asked to prom, so now I gotta answer
// i am really starting the love the mountains that have always been looming over my human experience
// "if you take me on your hot air balloon i will say yes" can that be my answer?
// some memories like to pretend to be background noise, some memories like to pretend to be boomerangs
// mouthwash by kate nash is on my mind
// the poem i am writing is very near to my heart, and it is writing itself in my brain, but like everything else, it doesn't look right on the screen. by right i mean perfect, so i am hesitant to share it just yet
// i figured out how i'm gonna answer ha HA
// why do i hate someone and love them at the same time?
// i don't think people know what things belong on fb, what things belong on the twitter, and what things belong in their diaries
// and what things belong on billboards