March 21, 2014

I'm working on my sentences, I'm working on my play-on words

My brain has too many tabs open. And honey, you're bookmarked. 

A list of small, unnecessary, beautiful things that I memorize instead of memorizing dates and equations:

She wants to refurbish an old mill and live in it.
His lips shake when he wants to kiss someone.
She hates making decisions, no matter how small.
He has a certain face for singing and another for sharing his beliefs.
She is afraid of her teeth falling out.
He breathes in and holds it too long when he is deciding what to do.
Once a song by a stranger on a porch in a new city changed her life, and I got to watch.
Sometimes she feels like a sour gummy worm.
He is the best older brother I've ever seen.
Her parents are divorced and she isn't bitter.
She paints pictures for children's books.
He hates strawberries.
She likes being supported in her spending fasts.
His dream super power is teleportation.
She likes reading books about writing more than she likes writing.
She is taking matters into her own hands.
He and his friends took their parents cars in 8th grade and rode around the valley.
She's never been on an airplane.
She really likes this guy.
Her favorite cotton candy flavor is lime.