January 8, 2014

Why Portland

Pictures of places in Portland, OR make me feel the same way pictures of Italy always have, which is why I know I'll make it there sometime soon. Because when something makes me feel that way, I help make it happen, and I trust the universe to help me, too. Portland has pretty parks, world class unique food, and shops that look suspiciously like what my soul would look like in shop form- shelves and shelves of tiny handmade things, and carved things, and shiny things, and fancy things, and plants, and experiences. Experiences on shelves.

Picture Source.
Source I like more.


While I wait for the ability to go to my next dream place, I was reminded that I should take advantage of the pretty places I live near to, so I will be taking a picture trip to the biggest city I've got, very soon, maybe tomorrow. Everyone should make sure they have taken some time to be a tourist in their own cities before getting distracted by the rest of the world.


Song of the day: Reflections by Misterwives. Download it free from iTunes this week. Put on repeat.  Her voice is gold. Actually, it doesn't sound like gold, it sounds like orange juice.

Sooo I'm now on Instagram. em_adventurer would be my handle. I have like one picture up so far, but follow me anyway? You're a gem.