January 5, 2014

Lets All Decide to Call Vacations "Holidays" From Now On

For Christmas I received the loveliest book from the loveliest person, my friend Morgan. Only days before, on a whim, after losing my senses for a minute and putting hot fudge on pizza and placing it into my mouth, and chewing, and swallowing, all in the name of celebrating "chocolate on anything" day, I announced that I would like to look up strange holidays such as that and celebrate them every day of the coming year. Not very long later I found that notebook and a list of all the holidays, in great wrapping, on my doorstep. I just love her.

Last year was the year of bucket lists and hashtags, this is the year of holidays and more hashtags.

So Far: (I'll update you every once in a while)

Jan. 2nd- Run up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day. Okay, I have no flagpole, so I was forced (forced I tell you) to change that to Go Ice Skating Day. Check.

Jan. 3rd- Humiliation Day. The only thing that happened is Riley led Savanna and I around the freezing cold block in order to show us "what Eskimos feel like." Yeah, I'm still processing that one. I say it was humiliating enough for the holiday.

Jan. 4th- Trivia Day. The most interesting piece of information I found is that the hard part on the end of a shoelace is called in Aglet, but I already knew that, cuz Phineas and Ferb duh.

Jan. 5th- National Bird Day. Today I give you these, my favorite pictures of birds:

marc johnsart.


The hair sitting on my dresser is beginning to get a little awkward, so I should probably get that donated. One day a cancer kid will wear my hair on their head, and I don't know if they will be anything like Augustus Waters, but I bet they are still really cool.