January 18, 2014


Let it be known that Instagram fills a hole in my life that was in need of a filling. It is the perfect place to share all of my random pictures that shouldn't need a whole blog post, but that my soul needs to get out into cyberspace, I couldn't be happier about the whole situation. But because I can now share small moments on there, this place is in need of some new words, and some updates. (Especially before a boat load of pictures come, and they will be coming soon.)


Yesterday I made my first Anthropologie purchase and it was very fulfilling. I cannot explain the joy that store brings me. My bedroom now smells like a beautiful little silver candle.

I received my first teacup, (I'm ignoring my first technical one so that I may call this new better one the first, I mean, wait what?) it is the beginning of a large collection. I plan to drink most things out of teacups in the future, from daily morning orange juice to hot chocolate at midnight.

I don't really know, all I do know is that all of my 11:11's, star light star bright's, and stray eyelashes are still wasted on the same person.

I missed the writing contest deadline, and I can't decide what to send to the newspaper, but I am going on choir tour, and I am back on the path and well on my way to having read every play Shakespeare ever wrote.

The adventures are popping up like flies these days, and I couldn't be more excited about my human experience.

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