December 10, 2013


I have a birdcage in my room. The cute kind that doesn't actually hold birds. And finally the oddity of using something that represents the exact opposite of what I want, tied with lace, painted bright red, and sitting as a decoration on my nightstand, doesn't actually make any sense.

So I opened the cage, and now I'm okay with it.


Because no one will really read it on Facebook, but I am intrigued. I got 7. Seven things about me:

1. I collect pictures of ampersands the way some people collect stamps.
2. Top Ramen gives me a runny nose.
3. Playing hard to get is an impossibly hard thing for me.
4. I only wear socks to bed when I'm sad.
5. I met One Direction.
6. My mom thinks I see color better than most people. I think she may be right.
7. My birthday is on Valentine's day. Which means I occasionally get valentines disguised as birthday cards, which I find very amusing.

Music of the Day: Caroline Pennell. Caroline Pennell. Caroline Pennell. #TheVoice