November 19, 2013

The Day I Made Too Many Bows in Floral

Today we practicing tying bows in Floral Arrangement. Attention, I will never be putting bows on anything when I own a flower shop, they aren't even pretty.

So after two too many bows, I stopped and decided I am mostly okay with christmas stuff happening now. Then I thought about how I need to work on telling people how I feel.

Dear Santa I am blogging your letter. I would like a Polaroid camera, a subscription to Kinfolk magazine, and a Stay Home Club sweatshirt. Pretty please. Love, Emma.

I'm indecisive, I can't decide, I keep on looking from left to right, and I keep changing my blog over and over. So close yet so far. Someone make me stop. Stop changing my blog, paraphrasing JB lyrics though, that's okay.

Basically I just want people to make pine crowns with me. And soon I am going to have a cat party where we all wear hilarious cat sweaters and watch cat videos and decorate cupcakes like cats. And I don't even care about cats. And I want to meet my favorite bloggers and I want to meet strangers who read my blog.

#2PostsADayForLyfe #ActuallyJustNo