November 21, 2013

I Want To Ride my Bicycle

^^I found Florence's Tiff & Co.
^^Uhhh that is Galileo's finger. For reals.

There was an old Italian couple people watching us from a second story window for quite a while.

Florence is the city of bicycles. There is a section of the city with things about bicycles everywhere. They say you can tell a person's social standing by their bike in Florence, instead of their car.

On our second day in Florence we went to the science museum and stared at Galileo's finger, his other finger, and a tooth he once chewed with in real life. That was weird. I tried some Italian grapefruit flavored soda, it was great. Way better than Italian Sprite, which is nasty, but I'll tell you about that in a few posts. Then there was a carousal in the middle of the city, which was just prime.

Gelato of The Day: Chocolate with raspberry