October 18, 2013

The "Too Cool for School" Abyss

Once again have been stuck in the corner with the too cool for school kids. For an hour and fifteen minutes, every other day, I get to listen to them laugh at the memorization songs and complain about the class that doesn't even give homework. They complain about the class that gives no homework and that lets you talk to your friends all the time and that they could actually feel the spirit in if they gave a bother. And once again I found myself slipping into the abyss wherein I laugh along with them, and lemme tell you, it feels pretty sucky in that abyss, especially when you're the seminary class pres who should be different from those kids. I have my boundaries, I never make fun of the three kids they have for some reason picked out for the sole purpose of despising every word that comes out of their mouths (the three kids happen to be three that actually want to be there, fancy that.) I don't refuse to sing the scripture mastery songs no matter how annoying they are, they can be fun when you sing them while simultaneously imitating Alan Rickman (not that I've tried... yet. I imagine it would be quite entertaining. At least, I was thoroughly entertained while watching Benedict Cumberbatch imitate Snape, er, Rickman on Jimmy Fallon. JUST SAYING.)

But today I was stuck with the choice To be a good class pres To be the person God made me to be or to be liked be the too cool for school kids who I will never seen again when the semester ends, let's be real. And it seems like an easy question, but there I was having to ask myself.

From there on out I sang the songs a little louder, smiled at a certain three kids, and felt a little cooler. And as a reward I got lucky enough to be paired up with a sweet girl named Andie who also enjoys Floral Design and scripture mastery songs.

Human experience updates: Gotta love oldies but goodies. #PillowTalk and tomato soup with Shelb.