October 15, 2013

Life Through a Lens

Maybe I spend a lot of time looking at beautiful pictures on Pinterest. So what? I'm writing my life. And I'm done with wishing my life looked like that, and thinking it never could. Because my life looks like headscarfs and lipstick and adventure, too. Because I made it that way. I create adventure, and because of that, it has started coming to me, it just happens. Because most adventures just happen. Be ready for them, and willing to take them when they come.

I've seen life through a lens now. It looks exactly the same. Now the documentation is just truer to real life. But it's what happens in front of the camera, what it is I document, that is the important part. It's obvious. It's been said. I know, I know. But I needed to figure that out myself, and learn it. Owning that camera has in no way made my life more beautiful, just my blog. My blog is not my life.

So welcome to this blog that is not my life. It's not anymore beautiful than my life is, either. That's important. I read so many gorgeous blogs and think they're lives can't be that pretty all the time. And they aren't. And mine isn't. But my life is beautiful.

And it's beautiful to watch the way God teaches me things.