August 18, 2013

What I learned from Adventure Thursdays

I wanted to talk more about what I learned from Adventure Thursdays.

In my head and on Pinterest adventures look like this:

But in my real life they actually look like this:

And I got to a point where I just had to draw it out, on my Big White Wall:

And when I first started Adventure Thursdays that drove me insane. Because I very much like it when things are aesthetically pleasing-- parties, outfits, the feel of my blog. Even writing this blog post is freaking me out because it just doesn't look very good, it doesn't match the brand I am trying to create. But just like right now I have to stop and realize that the things I write about are just as important as how it looks, with our adventures I had to step back and realize that it was okay that they didn't match the look in my head.

At first I was tempted to wait until I bought my nice camera to begin them, because I knew I was going to write about them constantly on my blog and I wanted good pictures. Then I had the crazy thought to give people ideas on how to dress like an adventurer when they came on Thursdays, weird, I know. Then I got to the first adventure and realized that to me going to an art museum seemed like a lovely adventure, but no one else really cared about the art, and the same sort of thing happened with other adventure ideas of mine.

So I had to try to not stress about the aesthetics, or pleasing everybody, or making sure every single person had a ride. I realized that anyone can be an adventurer, and I had to let go of my already established ideas about people and learn to invite them anyway. And now that I get to take it all in and really think it all through, I know what I want to improve next summer, and anytime I plan an adventure during the school year-- I want to share my vision of Adventure Thursdays with people more, because right now I don't think all of the adventurers completely get what they are really about and what they have the potential to become. And because I do know that aesthetics are important to me, I want to make our adventures match my branding, as well as the individuality of all the adventurers as best as I can, while still maintaining the "come as you are" atmosphere. I want to better live the anyone is welcome part of my vision, by inviting people I wouldn't normally.

Man, next summer is gonna be the bombdotdiggity.